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Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Business Driver
Most organizations add significant value to their business through solutions such as data warehouses, data marts, business intelligence and operational data stores. These solutions require the reconciliation and delivery of large amounts of enterprise data across a variety of sources—a daunting and complex task that is often time consuming and riddled with cost overruns.  Most experts agree—typical data warehousing solutions require 70 percent of the resources focused on finding, reconciling and loading the data warehouse and 70 percent of the cost geared towards ongoing operations and management.

The Challenge
Data warehousing solutions are often expensive and risky because:
 Access and understanding of older and legacy systems require specialist skill sets
 Ever growing volumes of data and demand for real-time data feeds
 Complexity of changing business requirements, source data systems, and reporting
    hierarchies inability to deliver access to data warehouses for large communities of users
 Slow or poor adoption due to little confidence in the data by the user community.

The Solution
PIMA Systems has helped leading organizations successfully deliver their data warehouse projects within  budget and with great business adoption. Using the best enterprise data integration platforms and methodology, organizations benefit from our solution and a secure, scalable, and flexible foundation with all the capabilities required for creating and managing data warehouse environments.

Enterprise Data Quality

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Data Integration     

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Best Practices
Data Warehouse and Decision Support Systems

Best Practices
Data Warehouse and Decision Support Systems

Best Practices
Data Warehouse and Decision Support Systems

The Industry Beat
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