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The Management Team

Some of our clients
• JP Morgan Chase
• GE Capital
• Peoples Bank
• Deutsche Bank
• McGraw-Hill Education
• Health Watch
• UPMC Medical
Industries Served

• Banking and Finance
• Medical
• Government
• Publishing
• Utilities
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PIMA Systems is a systems integration company providing business intelligence services to businesses in various industries in the United States. Headquartered in Jersey City New Jersey, with a proven 8-year track record of success, PIMA Systems helps companies and organizations of all sizes realize their full business strategies.

Our consultants are veterans of the industry with a minimum of 10 years of business and technology experience. We provide an effective service at cost comparable to any service provider in the world. We help organizations gain extensive business value from services rendered by way of reducing cost, speeding up processes and increasing productivity. 

 Our Mission

To explore the best systems integration strategies, trends and emerging technologies in building systems that help our clients make better business decisions.

Our Vision

Turn data into business asset for any organization anywhere in the world.


The Experience
Attracting the best Business and IT  professionals has enabled us to build a practice of exceptional contributors and leaders.      

The Value
We explore the best ways to improve our clients business results, focusing on the primary objective, to add value to business performance.

The Ethics
Ethical behavior and taking all measures to ensure responsibility is our goal. We encourage and provide professionals that are ethical and honest.

The Commitment
At PIMA Systems, our commitment goes beyond completing a project. We create a win-win relationship that enables us to continue providing exceptional service to our clients any where in the world

The future belongs to those that can see it and get there first...